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Yoga provides the tools and techniques to cultivate inner peace, harmony and regeneration. Hatha Yoga is the science of purification.

It includes tools and techniques to remove toxins, wastes and other impurities from the body to keep it fit for free flowing physical and mental energies. Hatha Yoga can be practiced by anyone and is the starting point for all other yoga practices.


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Hatha Yoga Classes increase flexibility, body strength and quiets the mind. Each class includes Pranayama - Yoga breathing techniques to harness life force energy and balance the nervous system, Asana - Yoga postures to improve, balance, flexibility and body strength, Savasana - relaxation to release tension and restore vitality. To make your Yoga practice work for you are invited to set your intention at the start of each class. Every Asana is taught with attention to the correct bodily alignment using props and adjustments as required to suit your body.  Mats, blocks, straps and blankets are provided. If you would like to attend regularly a course of 6 classes is available at a discount and can be used to attend classes and or workshops over a period of 6 months. Please contact me for more information or click the button below to reserve your place in the class. 


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The Saturday Yoga Workshops are designed to be fun. They help to release stress and tension for anyone who may have had a busy week. Each workshop has a different theme and will run every month throughout 2023. The workshops are 90 minutes long and provide the time to dive deeper into Pranayama (breathing) Asanas (postures) and Savasana (relaxation). For Yogies who attend classes regularly new aspects of Yoga are introduced and learning points are consolidated.  For anyone visiting Cramond pop-ins are welcome on a first come first served basis, based on availability. Please contact me for more information or click the button below to reserve your place in the workshop.

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Yoga is an ancient and powerful mind/body practice, a vital life skill which anyone can learn  regardless of age, weight or level of fitness. You don't need to be flexible to do Yoga, all you need to do is turn up for your Yoga practice and over time you will develop flexibility, body strength and consistent inner calm. Once you learn how to practice Yoga it becomes the gift that keeps on giving for improved life long health and well being.

When it comes to Yoga there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ there is only ‘practice’.

Namaste, Caroline 

My Yoga Certifications: 

Registered with the Yoga Alliance

E-RYT 500 - Experienced Yoga Teacher 

RYT 500 - Advanced Yoga Teacher

YACEP - Continuing Education Provider

RYT200 - Registered Yoga School  

Certified Hamsa for Kriya Kundalini Yoga (specialising in Surya yoga, yogic breathing and meditation)

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