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Helping people navigate their career path

The world of work has and is going through considerable change. If you are starting your career, wish to change your career or may be returning to it after a break would benefit from a refresh, then I can help. 

I provide the following Career Coaching services:

  • Prepare for and successfully navigate the job interview process

  • Evaluate and make good career change choices

  • Navigate the 4 stages of menopause whilst working

  • Prepare for and navigate the steps to successful self employment 

I am a mature industry professional and entrepreneur. My mission is to empower people to achieve their goals and I have successfully coached hundreds of people since I started in 2014.

It is always very rewarding to watch the transformation of people as they grow in confidence and take ownership of their career choices.

If your confidence has taken a beating then please remember that you can achieve whatever you wish in life, and although you may not believe it yet, the only thing that is standing in your way is you. Neuroplasticity is your brain's ability to change itself by creating new neural pathways and losing those that you no longer use. Encouraging your brain's neuroplasticity is the way to sustain learning, development and emotional intelligence. Re framing how you approach new situations and challenges is the difference between success and failure, health and well being versus illness and disease. When you resist something your body goes into stress. This may be ok in the short term, however prolonged stress can lead to long term health issues such as cardiovascular, diabetes and even dementia. I can guide you through resistance and into acceptance.

The job application process is just that 'a process' and I can help you to successfully navigate this progress with your confidence intact and strengthened.

Starting your own business is also a process and can feel a bit like walking over a mine field. I can help you to navigate the mine field.

The first session is a short assessment of your situation after which I will provide you with a proposed plan. This is a confidential one to one service, online and in person as required, tailored to meet your specific needs. Please see below testimonials for some of the people I have worked with.

For more information please register your interest below. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you every success in your future career,


Please note that for international students and graduates I work exclusively through Mandarin Consulting.

I studied hard and wanted to work at PWC. I was so nervous that every time I thought about the interview process I felt sick, my brain would freeze and I wanted to faint. I worked with Caroline who guided me through each stage of the process building my confidence and making me feel stronger. I was so happy when I got the job. I am now a second year associate.

Lee - Student Edinburgh University

My boss was a bully and I dreaded going to work. I was under a huge amount of pressure to secure a large sales order. I earned more than my husband and my income was essential for the mortgage and the bills. My health was failing, my skin suffered, I developed psoriasis and my hair was falling out. I felt completely stuck. A colleague recommended Caroline and after three sessions, I could not believe how much my perspective on my job situation had changed. The pressure lifted and I felt calm and in control. I looked forward to going to work and landed the big sales order. I am now on track for promotion.

Claire - Account Manager  London

After 10 years of working as a teacher I took a break to become a carer to my elderly mother. When my mother passed I wanted to return to work and found it impossible to get a job. My confidence was at an all time low and then I spoke to Caroline. She helped me to consider my options and gave me the confidence to pursue my passion.  I am now running my own business, keeping my own hours and making more than I ever did before.

Helen - Business Owner Edinburgh

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